If you’re ready to recharge your spirit while immersing yourself in bliss, meet people who care about making each day better than the last AND learn to set better boundaries so you can make room for bliss . . . this retreat is what you’ve been looking for!

By the end of your retreat, you’ll feel like the weight of the world has lifted off your shoulders. And, you’ll arrive home feeling grounded and rejuvenated, with a clear plan of action for making your bliss a practical, daily part of your life.

Carmel, CA is the PERFECT place to bask in                   four beautiful days and four blissful nights!

November 2-6, 2017

Relaxing in the late afternoon sun, waves crashing against the rocky shore, as the sun’s warm rays dance against the fleeting ocean mist. The cool water of the shoreline flirting with your toes, and a gentle breeze softly touching your face––as you close your eyes and melt into bliss. 
The fresh air clears your mind, opens your heart, and feeds your soul. Your daily struggles are miles away and the serenity you seek finally envelopes you.         
You find yourself building friendships to last a lifetime, and surrounded by people like you, who want to create their best possible life.
Are you dreaming? No, you’re in Carmel-By-the-Sea, California and you’re surrounded by breathtaking beauty in every direction. And the only decision for you to make next is whether to indulge in a leisurely nap or walk along the cobblestone streets of the village of Carmel to explore the award winning local galleries and wineries with your fellow bliss seekers.
Is this a dream come true? Yes, let me tell you more . . . 

Enjoy the indian summer as you meander through the picturesque village of Carmel-By-the-Sea. Whether sampling sweets in the bakery, or visiting Thomas Kincaid’s paintings and poking around the nooks and crannies of this one of a kind treasure, you’ll savor every moment.

Is your heart aching to renew, refresh, and reconnect?

Over four relaxing evenings, we’ll help you begin to fully unwind and recapture the playful part of you that’s been longing to spring to life! Even more, we’ll work together to discover what matters most to you and brainstorm ways of laying to rest the unwanted stress.
Have you been racing to the finish line only to realize you may be on the wrong track? 
No worries, it happens to the best of us and we’ll set you back on course to a brighter future!
Does it seem like your “to-do” list NEVER gets done? 
We’ll work together to whittle down your list and make room for BLISS!
Worried that spending time on your wants and needs will cause the world to come crashing down around you? 
We’ll put your mind at ease and arm you with tons of research that proves that YOUR rest and rejuvenation is in everyone’s best interest!
At the end of each evening, you’ll be filled with the self-care and compassion you normally reserve for everyone else, and you’ll feel all the tension you’ve been carrying for years leave your body. 

So why should YOU join us? 

Simply put, this is the PERFECT environment to truly experience what it feels like to spend your days in stress free luxury, leaving you free to design the next chapters in your incredible life.
There’s no need for you to try to sort through your purpose, passion and obstacles on your own. Immersed in this blissful retreat, you’ll have the time, energy, and support to help you define your dreams and develop your plans to overcome obstacles.
The Pure Pleasure, Play, and Practical Bliss Retreat is JUST what you’ve been looking for  to help you release yourself from anxiety and create new pathways to live your Life in Bliss!
Plus we’ll be in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, savoring sumptuous food, exploring the gorgeous rocky coastline and creating new friendships to last a lifetime.

The Venue

Carmel – named One of America’s Best Beach Towns by National Geographic Traveler transports you into a fairytale world where artists, poets, and writers express their creativity in every turn. From the storybook architecture of every cottage, gallery and shop, to the artists lazily working to capture the exact shades of orange, pink and purple as the sun sets on the rocky cliffs and bluffs of the Pacific Coastline.
IMG_3235After dinner, feel yourself enjoying a stress-free stroll under the stars to rejoin our intimate gathering for evening rejuvenation sessions by the cozy outdoor fireplace, or indoors sipping wine and sherry by the fire. At the end of the evening, your heart is full and your mind is clear to dream of your bright new world.
Each morning you feel refreshed as you walk the few short paces from your villa to join our happy group. Together we begin the day sharing freshly baked quicheand piping hot coffee, prepared by the Inn keepers of the quaint Happy Landing bed and breakfast. It’s time to begin a fresh new day of discovery, laughter, and complete savoring for your senses!
IMG_5953Because the boutique inn boast only seven private villas, our small gathering will enjoy the serenity and privacy to laugh, share, and lounge undisturbed by outside travelers.
Paying attention to every detail, each villa has it’s own unique theme and includes plush robes, comfy beds, your own bottle of sherry, private full baths, and complimentary wifi (should you decide to get a glimpse of the world left behind).
room_white_1Located in the heart of the village, you’ll find the most incredible beaches only four blocks from our doorstep. Feeling celebratory? Step just outside our inn and  feel your spirits soar when you discover some of the most incredible local restaurants, and sample spirits from award-winning local wineries.
Whether you’re looking to unwind and shop and dine with new friends, or stroll alone with your thoughts, Carmel will steal your heart and leave you wanting to stay for a lifetime.



Our “Classrooms”clints restaurnt 

With all there is to experience and absorb in this paradise, our “classroom” will await us at every turn. Ponder your purpose as we venture to the hillside Mission Inn ranch–and maybe even catch a glimpse of Clint Eastwood himself! 
Discover new creativity and reshape  your reality––while exploring mindfulness and savoring a sumptuous wine and cheese picnic in the garden. Yes, this sounds right doesn’t it? 

Your Fellow Travelers

You’ll never lack for companionship with like-minded seekers on this getaway. See yourself building connections that continue long past the retreat and support you as you begin your new way of life, filled with inner knowing. 

I want to learn more . . . can I talk with someone about what option might be best for me? 

Rest assured, you can always connect with me–before, during, and after the retreat.

Just CLICK HERE to schedule a call with me so I can answer any questions you may have.

Yes, this is the experience you’ve been searching for . . . read on for more details . . . 

So What Do You Have to Gain by Joining Our Pure Pleasure, Play, and Practical Bliss Retreat?

  • Well, what would it mean to you to have less stress, and feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders? Without feeling guilty about taking care of you?
  • What if you had a stronger sense of purpose and a clear plan of action? Would it change the way you choose to invest your time?
  • How would it feel to arrive home feeling truly rested and rejuvenated? Can you imagine how your relationships at home and work might benefit from your new perspective?

Wouldn’t that feel incredible? Yes, I bet it would!

But let me tell you more . . .

Getaway Sample Itinerary

Thursday, November 2, 2017 (5-7:30p): What better way to decompress and ease into your getaway than to sample local wines and tempting treats while getting to know your fellow travelers?

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, November 3-5, 2017: Rise & shine each morning as we join together to indulge in freshly baked quiche, sweet and tangy fruits and juices and piping hot coffee.

Each day will weave unique activities and experiences throughout the days and evenings. Longing to dip your toes into the crystal blue ocean? We’ll take advantage of the beauty and power of the rocky coastline. Craving time to rest and pamper yourself? Of course there’ll be time to nurture your needs! Can you imagine breathing in the fresh, crisp night air as we gather around the outdoor hearth under the stars to talk, learn, laugh, and play together? Each day and evening will include personal and group discovery time to help you decompress and equip you with your action plan to make bliss a part of your everyday life when you return home.

Monday, November 6, 2017 (9-11:30a): We’ll gather together for a special farewell before setting off to begin your fresh new reality – rested, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world!

Each day will include ample time for self-reflection, savoring nature, building relationships, and enjoying all the beauty and charm that Carmel-By-the-Sea has to offer!

This Retreat Also Includes:

  • Two group mini-coaching pre retreat calls to help you mentally and physically prepare for this transformational retreat. You’ll also have the opportunity to virtually meet your co-attendees on these calls!
  • A complimentary copy of my book, Practical Bliss: The Busy Person’s Guide to Happiness, to give you a head start on some of the content––so you can relax and make the most of your time in the retreat!
  • A welcome reception and opening night session on Thursday evening, (appetizers and wine included).
    Meet your co-participants and future friends!
  • Breakfast daily, plush robes, and complementary wifi for all participants staying at the Happy Landing Inn


  • A luscious “savoring” lunch to stimulate your senses and help you engage in mindful eating and savoring. Our picnic includes wine, a tasty light lunch, and delicious desserts!
  • Plenty of rest, relaxation, shopping, dining, exploration and bonding time!
    Click here for more info on Carmel-By-the-Sea, CA
  • A Succulent Celebration Dinner to help you relax and unwind!
  • A “farewell” retreat session on Monday morning to help you arrive home rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!


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  • The TOTAL PACKAGE - Retreat PLUS Bed, Breakfast and Bonus Session

    </span style
    Includes ALL Retreat Sessions & Activities
    Nov. 2-6, 2017
    Accommodations, breakfast daily, the welcome wine and cheese reception, the savoring luncheon, and the Celebration Dinner are included in these packages. 
    4-night Bed and Breakfast Stay at the Happy Landing Inn (11/2-6/17)
    Villas are limited – register now to ensure availability!

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  • Retreat Only

    Includes Retreat Sessions & Activities
    Nov. 2-6, 2017
    $849 per person ($949 after July 1, 2017)
    Also includes the Welcome Wine and Cheese Reception, the Savoring Luncheon, and the Celebration Dinner.
    Note – Accommodations and other meals are Not Included in This Rate

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  • Retreat Only - Bring a Friend Rate!

    Includes Retreat Sessions and Activities
    Nov. 2-6, 2017
    Only $749 per person (that’s a $100 savings for both, you and your friend!)
    Includes the Welcome Wine and Cheese Reception, the Savoring Luncheon, and the Celebration Dinner.      
    Note – accommodations and other meals are Not Included in This Rate.

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Have Questions About the Retreat? 

CLICK HERE to schedule a call with me so I can answer any questions and help you select the option that’s right for you!


Group Session Topics Will Include

Purpose, Mindfulness, Pleasure . . . Bliss!


Ch.1 What is Bliss ©

Bliss is defined as that supremely special place that occurs when you’re living a purposeful, engaged life that is sprinkled with regular doses of pleasure. This retreat is designed to help you create (and find the time for) more purpose, mindfulness and pleasure. In other words, bliss.

  • What Does Well-Being Really Mean and How Do We Create and Maintain It in Our Lives?

  • Discovering Your Purpose Doesn’t Have to Be Painful!

  • Passion, Flow and Building Your Bank of Resilience

  • Finding and Creating Pleasure in Everyday Happenings

  • Designing Your Dreams, Dealing With Fears, and Creating Your Success Strategies

  • Harnessing Happiness, Strategies for Stress, and Converting Unhealthy Life-Long Habits into New Long-Term Success

  • A variety of exercises & guest experts to broaden & build your personal development––utilizing the latest in positive psychology research and practices


What This Weekend is NOT!

  • We will not walk on coals.

  • It is not full of  “airy-fairy” suggestions that are not practical in your busy life.

  • It will not be a classroom style snore-fest.

IMG_3237It will be a fun, relaxing, laid back retreat, where we discuss and apply the latest in research-based positive psychology and utilize tools to help you TAKE your bliss back and be more successful in every area of your life!

Meet Your Hostesses


My dear friends, you’re continuously working to ensure that everyone and everything is taken care of–every day. Isn’t it time to make time to give yourself the rest and rejuvenation you truly need?  


Jen Sherwood, Co-Host

We’re so excited to have the opportunity share this retreat with you while we work together to help you design and actualize your best life possible! Yes, if you want to change your life, you can – take the first step now!   

-May you work, play, live . . . InBliss! -Lisa & Jen

    Lisa Broesch-Weeks, Host                                                                                                                          




I’m a recovering perfectionist and have been known to wear many hats at the same time. So I get that the pressure of life can start to weigh you down, and sometimes you need to take a “time-out” to lighten your load and put a spring in your step! That’s why I’ve created this very special renewal weekend to combine a life-changing experience (in a gorgeous environment) with practical tips you can use in your real world to create everyday bliss. 

What Coaching Clients and Workshop Attendees Have Said About Our Work Together: 

“Lisa really connects with her audience. Her message and delivery were on target, kept everyone’s attention, and motivated the participants to take immediate action. Lisa’s spirit is fresh and places everyone at ease, I look forward to her next presentation!” -Deanna Snyder, Event Manager, Healthy Woman Conferences & Events

“Lisa is one of the smartest and most insightful coaches I’ve ever worked with. Not only has she been a creative leader in the hospitality industry (working for one of the biggest brands on the planet), but she continues to be a business innovator, helping companies overcome challenges and resolve conflict. She brings all of this experience to her coaching practice, and I’ve been incredibly blessed to benefit from her guidance and support. Lisa’s work has been focused around helping busy professionals (like so many of us) to access our ‘bliss,’ and her latest book is your opportunity to learn some of her proven strategies and techniques. –Matthew Garrepy, Client and Chief Brand Architect and Partner, ValueArc

“I can’t thank you enough for our sessions. I accomplished so much more than I thought I would and completed plans for my personal and professional dreams, goals, and steps to achieving them. I’m feeling unstoppable!” Leslie Graham, Coaching and Retreat Client

“Lisa is one of the most gifted and talented individuals I know. Her energy and enthusiasm are second to none. There is no doubt in my mind that Lisa’s experience and skills will be a profitable investment for any individual or organization.” -David Pezzino, Workshop Participant

“I want to thank you personally for the most wonderful day and adventure . . . This day really meant a lot to me, and did inspire me with hope and opportunity for a fresh new start to a new year and a new life.” -Donna Nelson, Retreat Participant

“What started out as a search to find out my ‘passion in life’ turned into a journey into not only my personal desires, but my business goals as well. Lisa helped me realize that they can be one in the same, and I now feel I have a new sense of direction in life. I’m excited about the future and grateful to have more Bliss in my life.” -George Royal, VP, Kuykendall Gardner and Coaching Client

Have Questions About the Retreat?

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PS – Remember, we only have a VERY limited amount of cottages available!

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