image: blog interview with Alex Theis
Lisa talks with
Alex Theis
February 17, 2016

“Happy people sell more, are more productive, have better relationships and help other people do the same.”

About Alex Theis

Alex Theis is a customer experience, sales, and retention expert who articulates his expertise as a speaker, consultant, and author. Alex has helped organizations produce record sales months and improve retention through innovative customer service and win-back campaigns. He takes a no-fluff, practical approach to improving the overall customer experience to increase sales, reduce attrition, and grow customer loyalty.

Alex is the author of the Amazon bestselling book titled Stop Pitching & Start Connecting, a social media guide for entrepreneurs and home-based business people. His podcast is called Limitless, and focuses on helping people see that they can break through limits and obstacles to accomplish anything they set their minds to. Alex can be contacted at ,, and on Twitter @alextheis .

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