image: blog interview with Regena Garrepy
Lisa speaks to
Regena Garrepy
December 16, 2015

“Do you feel like you’re leading everything and everyone else, yet aren’t taking the lead in your own life? Do you wish you felt more powerful when it comes to saying “No” where you need to? We don’t have to sacrifice our self care in order to be successful! When you’re connected to bliss, you can connect to your essence (who you truly are), allowing you to stand in your power and be of service to everyone – even you!”

About Regena Garrepy

Regena Garrepy is an essence guide and mentor for messengers. She’s worked as a certified coach, facilitator, and trainer for the past 8 years. Regena empowers women to unmask their essence, unveil their power and truly become the leaders of their lives without guilt or apology.She also serves as the training director for and author Mike Dooley from Notes from the Universe.

Listen to Regena Garrepy’s Interview “Bliss and a Stronger Leader of YOUR Life!”