Have you noticed a pattern that seems to be the “norm” for a lot of women, and men . . . particularly those with children, or a career, or both?

We’re busy.

I mean scurry from one responsibility to the next, barely grab a bite to eat, frazzle through your day kind of busy.

I noticed this about myself quite a few years ago as I was dashing from meeting to meeting . . . then rushing to my car to head home to pick up my son . . . then through my evening of dinner, home stuff, kid stuff, bed.

Though you might not be able to quickly eliminate many of your commitments (though I believe you can, and I’ll talk more about that in my book), you can do something that will immediately help you look and feel less stressed.

Try this: At some point I realized that the “rushing” part really didn’t save any time at all. In fact, taking long, graceful strides, rather than quick (my son says “angry”) steps takes exactly the same amount of time! I also realized that taking slow, cleansing breaths expends the same amount of time as holding my breath (especially when I’m in the car driving to my next commitment).

You know what else? Standing up straight (as though I have a string at the top of my head that is pulling me upwards as I stand or walk) instead of hunching forward also takes the same amount of time and looks far more confident and attractive.

When I do remember to slow down, I often think of the poetry line “She walks in beauty, like the night . . .” by Lord Byron. I also think of the heroine of so many romance novels who ” . . . softly pads across the room.”

Whatever you use to remember to slow it down, I think you’ll agree that moving purposely and confidently feels far more blissful than being frantic and frazzled any day. ​

May you Work, Play, and Live . . . InBliss!™