You know the uplifting music they play at the end of a feel good movie . . . or the powerful music they play when the hero is overcoming a major obstacle? Why not keep your own soundtrack on “speed dial” and play it whenever you need a little pick me up?

Try this: Personally, I play Dan Gibson’s Piano Cascades every morning as I start the day and enjoy my morning coffee. This allows me to set the tone for the day and spend a few minutes (usually about five to fifteen) setting an intention for how I want the day to be and what I’d like to accomplish.

If I have other people around me (my husband likes to watch the morning stock report TV shows), I put in my ear phones, grab my coffee, and slowly move to a part of my home where I can sit quietly on my own for a little while––even if only for five minutes.

When my son was little, I’d get him breakfast and then tell him I needed a few minutes to focus on having a happy day (and that he’d be happier then too) and I’d steal a few minutes here and there.

When you’re nervous, frustrated, tired or bored . . . just click on your go-to tunes and you’ll instantly start to give yourself an attitude adjustment and set yourself up for bliss!

May you Work, Play and Live . . . InBliss!