Tired of packing and unpacking . . . and packing again?! I get it, and totally empathize. I often fly in a series of one-way trips to different climates (think Orlando to Pittsburgh to San 12573709_10208602295035315_3519244243533586003_nFrancisco!) One of the tips that saves me countless hours is to keep a full set of all essentials packed and ready to roll at any given moment. I know it might sound like a hefty investment to buy doubles of all your toiletries, brushes, shampoos, flat irons, etc. but there’s some tricks to that, too.

The trick is to purchase your replacement supplies when you’re about 2/3 of the way through your product. When you add your new supply to your daily set, pack the set that’s 2/3 used in your travel case. You were going to need to replace it anyway, just do it a little sooner and make your life easier!

Then refill your shampoos and other refillable supplies when you return from your trip (so you’re ready to roll at any moment!)

Some items to include:

  • makeup (including base, powders, lipsticks, blush, the whole deal)
  • skin care (moisturizers, facial cleanser, toners, etc.)
  • brushes and combs
  • tooth paste, tooth brush, dental floss
  • hairspray, gels, etc.
  • soaps, deodorant, moisturizer, etc.
  • flip flops
  • spare bath robe (lightweight for travel)
  • flat iron, hair dryer, curling iron, etc.
  • backup pair of contacts, glasses, travel case and solution

I save a minimum of twenty-five minutes each time I pack because I don’t need to think about what to include or continuously purchase travel size items! Happy Travels!