Have you ever worked your tail off to make something really special . . . and it just didn’t work out? Let me be the first to admit, bliss doesn’t always go as planned. In fact, sometimes it doesn’t go anywhere near what you planned!

My Plan for a Romantic Evening: I wanted to surprise my husband with a romantic dinner on our one-year anniversary. I pressure-washed the patio, picked fresh flowers, hung cafe lights (ok, I actually hired someone to hang the lights), and placed candles on the table around the fresh flowers. Sounds pretty romantic, right?

What Actually Happened: I decided to do a “dress rehearsal” the night before, just to see how it would all look. How was I to know that the refrigerator was going to break down (so glad I hadn’t bought the steaks yet!) . . . the cafe lights were defective and flames shot out when I plugged them in, and the lovely candlelight caught fire to the hand-picked flowers sitting next to them! Seriously?!?

Yup. Sometimes all you can do is laugh it off. I guess that’s why it feels so special to me when something goes really well-planned or not. So go ahead, throw yourself into your plan and then step back to see where it actually takes you. You might just end up adding a little fire to your romance, too.

PS––Do you have stories about “Bliss Gone Bad”? If so, I’d love to hear them and maybe even share them with our community! Send me your stories to Lisa@Practicalbliss.com

May you Work, Play, and Live . . . InBliss!™