In a world where everyone is trying to tell you what’s wrong, and what you need to do to be successful and happy, isn’t it time to create your own definitions of what’s right for you? 

Have you noticed how common it is to hear friends, family, clients and co-workers talk about being stressed, busy, overworked and under appreciated? It’s almost as if you’re expected to fall into that category when talking about yourself. How has it come to this?

Try this: Dare to set you own definition for happiness and then declare you’re happy. If I were in your seat, I may be thinking . . . “Won’t people be jealous or secretly wish I weren’t so happy?” They might, but so what?!

The truth is, if you’re looking to surround yourself with a community of positive, bliss- loving, successful people, it’s likely you’ll need to start to separate yourself from those whose energy may not place them in that category.

This doesn’t mean that you constantly talk about yourself and how lucky, happy, or successful you are. It simply means that you carry the positive energy and mindset with you wherever you go. And, when asked about how you’re doing, allow (even challenge) yourself to say, “I’m doing great, I’m feeling really good about ____. Thank you for asking, that means a lot to me.

Remember, it’s hard to be the light when you’re standing in the sun. The value is in daring to shine a light in the darkness. Some will scurry away, and some will draw close to you and appreciate your warmth.

May you Work, Play, and Live . . . InBliss!™