Bliss by the Road #2 Blissful beginningsYou know those pitiful little packets that they include with your coffee maker and Styrofoam cups in your hotel room? Ugh! That’s no way to start your day!

To start the morning off right, I always pack a Coffee Mate 2Go and a zip-lock baggie of Splenda (or Truvia, etc.) in my suitcase. Additionally, I’ll pack a few Quest bars for a quick, easy, inexpensive breakfast or snack that includes 21g of protein, no gluten, and low sugar content. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about refrigerating them, though I recommend that you don’t keep them in a hot car.

Bliss by the Road tip #2 Blissful beginningsCan’t find Coffee Mate 2Go? No problem! You can usually pick up a few of the little liquid creamers in most hotel lobbies where they keep the coffee station (yes, I’ve hoarded more than a few in my time!). Just be sure to pack them in a plastic bag because you do NOT want those things exploding in your travel bag (trust me on this one!!)

Happy Travels!