Bliss is a funny word. For some, the word conjures up a picture of a transcendent state of perfection. Others may feel irritated about the word because it seems like a frustrating, unattainable goal.

The dictionary defines bliss as: “To reach a state of perfect happiness, typically so as to be oblivious of everything else.” My definition is a little different. I define bliss as those somewhat fleeting moments in your life when you pause to take in the beauty of life.

To me, it doesn’t mean that every day is perfection or perfectly balanced. It doesn’t mean that you have to wait until you have a fat bank account, a skinny waistline, or wait until work slows down or the kids grow up. If every day were “balanced,” we’d likely lead an unbelievably boring, yet incredibly safe journey to our eventual deaths . . . without ever experiencing true bliss.

In fact, when I went through what I now call my “phoenix phase,” where I ended my sixteen-year marriage and my twenty-year career with a successful company to pursue my dreams, it was probably the scariest time in my life. Oh, and did I mention it coincided with the beginning of the housing and stock market free fall?!

I clearly remember when my son was only ten years old, and I was looking at my meager checkbook and wondering how in the world I could talk about Living In Bliss when I hadn’t the foggiest clue as to where my next pay check would come from.

However, for some reason I clung to my belief that life is good. Life is unpredictable and short and sweet and something we only live once (as far as I know). And I realized that when I paused in my day to look for even the tiniest glimpse of hope or beauty in the situation, I could feel myself relax and feel calmer in the moment. That’s where the balance comes in. That’s where bliss lives.

In other words, bliss is a state of mind. You get to decide––right now––that this is the life you are going to lead. And you know what? When you know that you’re a person who seeks joy and meaning and leans toward the optimistic side, you attract others who are looking for the same things.

Don’t wait until you feel the stars are aligned or perfection is obtained. Start now. Right now. And before you know it, you will be Living In Bliss.

May you Work, Play, and Live . . . InBliss!™