Hi, I’m Lisa!

I work with people who’ve worked hard to get where they are . . . and want to figure out how to slow down and make time to enjoy the life they’ve earned! I also help them figure out what matters most, what’s standing in the way of having it, and what’s next––in their personal and professional lives.

I show them how to stop working so hard for everyone else––while helping them become more purposeful, productive, energized, and satisfied with their lives!

When you’re an employee, spouse, parent, single parent, exec, business owner, friend, and all around FIXER OF EVERYONE’S ISSUES, it’s exhausting! I know, because I’ve been there myself.

In 2007, I decided to stop scurrying and surviving, and start THRIVING! I made some tough decisions (left my executive position with the Anheuser-Busch Entertainment Corporation), learned even tougher lessons, and continue to figure out ways to balance all the CRAP life can throw our way!

I created InBliss Life for you and I to be in community. It’s a blissful, practical place to find tips to squeeze in joy, expand your success, and reduce your wasted efforts.

This is a place that isn’t about being perfect (or lazy); it’s about being real and finding power in taking care of you!

Because when you’re energized and fulfilled, you can offer more to those who depend on you.

If you’re ready to work, play, and Live In Bliss, connect with me to schedule your free coaching consultation now!

Welcome to Living In Bliss!


*Lisa Broesch-Weeks founded InBliss Coaching & Consulting LLC and Actualize Consulting Group in 2006 after working as director of entertainment strategic planning, communications, and creative development for SeaWorld Orlando and Discovery Cove, a division of the Anheuser-Busch Entertainment Corporation. The experience and insight she gained from working for more than twenty years as an executive in such a large organization, with a broad span of oversight, helped Lisa see the overwhelming need for self-care and personal development that so many busy, overachieving people tend to sacrifice in the name of success. Lisa holds multiple certifications in personal and group coaching and a certification in applied positive psychology from the The Flourishing Center.