empowerment-lisa-300x199Q. What do you mean by “bliss”?

A. Bliss can be found when you combine a purposeful, engaged life with anything you decide brings you joy, happiness, fun, relaxation, or a sense of well being. For me, when I’m in a phase of life where I’m doing really meaningful work and still actively creating time for anything that brings me joy, I am in bliss. It could be a visit to the spa (I’m a little OBSESSED with the spa), waterfalls and babbling brooks, baking (more specifically eating) tasty desserts that aren’t too bad for me (OK, and those that are bad for me too), silly or sexy time with my husband, sitting silently or dancing barefoot in our living room with friends.

Q. Shouldn’t I feel bad about spending time doing things I love?

A. Actually, the opposite is true. When we spend all our time and energy on making everyone else happy, we can wind up exhausted and resentful. Ultimately, we may even take our bitter feelings out on those we’re trying to please. When you consistently invest a few moments doing things that bring you energy, you refuel yourself to care for those who depend upon you. (Click here for an itty-bitty video clip with more info).


Q. I can’t even find time to get everything done every day. How am I supposed to squeeze in time to do anything “blissful”?

A. With a little effort, you’ll learn to start taking inventory of your daily and weekly activities to see what may be mandatory or optional obligations. Over time, you can start to weed out the optional stuff and replace it with things that bring you joy and meaning.

Q. What do you mean by “optional obligations”?

A. After personally and professionally coaching clients over the last fifteen plus years, I’ve noticed that most of us have a tendency to commit to doing things we don’t need or even want to do.

Often, what can feel like something that’s urgent or mandatory can actually be delegated or skipped altogether. Take advantage of your free coaching session to pinpoint where you can start to say “No” where you need to so you can start saying “Yes!” where you want to and need to.



Q. How am I supposed to figure out how to “take inventory” and weed out activities and obligations?

A. Throughout this site, you’ll find quick and practical articles, videos, and Bits of Bliss™ to help you do what you need to shape your new life. We even have a Club Bliss™ community where you can share your tips and ‘“bits” with fun-loving, joy-seeking people, just like you!

Q. What if I need to start fresh and completely change the course of my life?

A. You’re in the right place! In 2006, I realized I needed to make some major changes in my life. Through self-reflection, strategic planning, and a strong support system, I’ve since created a life that is filled with meaning, engagement, and pure joy.

Throughout this site, I’ll share tips from my Blueprint for Bliss™, access to our Club Bliss Community, and opportunities for you to take advantage of do-it-yourself tips, group coaching, a customized one-to-one coaching program, or a combination of all!


Q. Sounds like a lot of work, is it really worth it?

The truth is, you can start anywhere you like and do as little or as much as you choose. Like anything in life, your success and sustainability will depend primarily on your efforts and consistency. In other words, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. If you’re committed to living the life you’ve always wanted, the effort is definitely worth the rewards!

Q. What if I have too many obstacles in the way of my success?

I’d be surprised if you didn’t have obstacles (otherwise, you’d already be living your “someday” life)! That’s why you’ll find tips on how to identify common obstacles and create plans to help you succeed. If you decide to take advantage of the coaching options, you’ll receive customized instruction and assistance in identifying your purpose and vision, pinpointing obstacles, and creating targeted plans to overcome or work through them.


Q. What makes *Lisa Broesch-Weeks an expert on this topic?

Like you, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. As a coping mechanism, I focused really hard on trying to create a “perfect” life. By the time I was in my mid-thirties, I had built a life that by most standards was pretty enviable; I had the career, home, and marriage some saw as “perfect.” The trouble was, when I looked in the mirror I knew something was missing . . . and I couldn’t seem to find time to do anything about it. I was too busy rushing from one obligation to the next.

Because everything appeared to be going so well, I didn’t feel I deserved to complain. But after a while, I found it hard to sleep or concentrate on anything but figuring out how to fill the void. Eventually I realized that I was so focused on doing and being what everyone else thought was right, I had lost track of who I was and how I wanted to live.

I realized that life is short, and that the life I imagined as that special “someday” wasn’t going to ride in on a white horse to trot me off into the sunset. I knew I had to get to work!

Staying the same is relatively easy. Being brave enough to change is a bit more challenging. I know what it feels like to say, “I’m not interested in being perfect anymore!” and then exposing myself to the curious family and friends who may not get it at all! The great news is, your goals are achievable and you don’t have to do it alone.

Welcome to your life, In Bliss!

*Lisa Broesch-Weeks founded InBliss Coaching & Consulting LLC and Actualize Consulting Group in 2006 after working as director of entertainment strategic planning, communications, and creative development for SeaWorld Orlando and Discovery Cove, a division of the Anheuser-Busch Entertainment Corporation. The experience and insight she gained from working for more than twenty years as an executive in such a large organization, with a broad span of oversight, helped Lisa see the overwhelming need for self-care and personal development that so many busy, overachieving people tend to sacrifice in the name of success. Lisa holds multiple certifications in personal and group coaching and a certification in applied positive psychology from the The Flourishing Center.