Does it seem like life has gotten busier and busier and it feels like you have to run faster and faster, just to keep up?dreamstimemedium_34223779

If your answer is “Yes,” you’re not alone.

If you’re anything like so many men and women I’ve known, your life is hectic, fast paced and may even feel like a constant sprint to the next “finish line.” The problem is, the racing never seems to end (or even slow down to a jog!)

That’s why I’ve created this place where busy people like you can begin to bring more meaning, engagement and pleasure (bliss) into your everyday experiences. 

Here, you can take a mini-break from the frenzy to find a few Bits of Bliss,™connect with like-minded people, and gain tools to help you assess where you are in your journey towards a life that includes more of what you love.

Interviews with our experts shares why and how bringing more happiness and meaning into your life will help you achieve success in EVERY area of your life! Bits of Bliss™ will give you a quick tips to “pick up” your day, and Bliss Gone Bad™ is a place where you can read and share funny yet true stories of when bliss just didn’t work out!

And, if you’re looking for a little guidance – whether from our Club Bliss™community or maybe through one-to-one coaching, workshops, or retreats –– you can find that too!

I’m so glad you’ve found your way to Living In-Bliss. Welcome home!

Work, play, live . . . In-Bliss™