Does it seem like life has gotten busier and busier and you have to run faster and faster, just to keep up?

Did you know that studies show that people who are connected to purpose, engagement and pleasure are happier and more successful in all areas of their lives?

That’s why I’ve created this place for you to take a mini-break from the frenzy and find powerful tools to create your ideal life. 

I encourage you to take advantage of the tools, quizzes, and complimentary coaching to ensure that you’re on the right track. You’ll also find links to our Club Bliss Community and upcoming events.

I’m so glad you’ve found your way to Living In Bliss. Welcome home!

Work, play, live . . . In-Bliss™

Take Their Word

Lisa is one of the most gifted and talented individuals I know! Her energy and enthusiasm are second to none. There’s no doubt that Lisa’s experience and skills will be a profitable investment for any individual or organization.

David Pezzino

Wow! The tips were so easy to implement, yet made such a positive impact on my quality of life. I’m ready to take on the world!

Regena Garrepy, Coach & Dir. of Training, TUT Enterprises

I can't thank you enough for our last session. I accomplished so much more than I thought I would and completed plans for my personal and professional dreams, goals, and steps to achieving them. I'm feeling unstoppable!

Leslie Graham, Coaching Client

I’m surprised and pleased at the effect of this program on my life. Lisa really helped me sort through my doubts and attain clarity and courage. Who needs Oprah when you have Lisa!

Emily Janine

The report information is amazing! I can’t believe how much valuable info was packed into your report. This is a super helpful guide for everyone!

Monte Taylor Jr. Consultant & Author

Lisa is spot-on at what she does. She has the knowledge, experience, and verve to assist anyone in achieving their goals. A great person to know and work with! I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Phyllis Harley, Esq.

The tools to identify and eliminate optional obligations really helped me find time to devote to doing the kind of work I want to do. The results have really changed my work and home life for the better!

Larry W. Google Shopping Channel

Lisa’s guidance and perspective were instrumental in helping me work through a recent career shift. It’s been a huge success, and I have Lisa to thank for helping me make the right choice.

Dr. Terese Roth
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Happy people are more successful in their professional and personal lives, live longer, and maintain healthier weight and fitness levels.
Our experts share why it’s true and HOW to bring more bliss into your life:
image: blog: Dr. Terese Roth
Lisa talks with
Dr. Terese Roth
image icon: play blog interview with Dr. Terese Roth

Reduce Your Health Risks by Increasing Your Bliss!

Did you know that maintaining a steady diet of self-care, healthy passion, and purpose (bliss) can help you avoid unexpected trips to the emergency room? Dr. Terese Roth explains how in this interview.

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image: blog: Alex Theis
Lisa talks with
Alex Theis
image icon: play blog interview with Alex Theis

Sell More, Be More Productive, and Develop Better Relationships Through Bliss

“Happy people sell more, are more productive, have better relationships and help other people do the same.”

About Alex Theis

Alex Theis is a customer experience, sales, and retention expert who articulates his expertise as a speaker, consultant, and author. Alex has helped organizations produce record sales months and improve retention through …

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image: blog: Roberta Matuson
Lisa talks with
Roberta Matuson
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Attract and Retain Great Leaders and Top Performers

“Want to attract and retain great leaders and top performers? Bliss can help you be a more consistent and effective leader in your organization.”

About Roberta Matuson

Roberta is president of Matuson Consulting and author of Talent Magnetism: How to Build a Workplace That Attracts and Keeps the Best. She’s also bestselling author …

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